Everything You Need To Know About Identity Theft

With our increasing dependence on the World Wide Web, identity theft is now more than ever a threat to all of us. There are no guarantees that we will not become the next victim of this crime. This is why the more we know about identity theft, the more equipped we will be to protect ourselves against in. The History of Identity Theft While identity theft is not a new crime, it has mutated over time to respond to the ever evolving technology and most importantly the World Wide Web, credit cards and ATMs. Before the popularization of credit cards ... Read more

Identity Theft -10 Ways To Save Your Identity

Identity theft is on the increase. Fraudsters are continuously looking for ingenious ways to steal your identity and use this for fraudulent purposes. Sometimes without even realising, you might find yourself in circumstances and situations that put your identity at risk. Having someone else use your personal details, assume your identity, steal your money, and / or commit fraud in your name is not a position you want to find yourself in. Having your identity stolen can be both financially and emotionally devastating. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be protected and we have provided you with some ... Read more