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European Anti-Fraud Office

Where you can report fraud in Europa? Here we provide guidance on where and how you can report the European Anti-Fraud Office website ( OLAF )

What constitutes fraud?

Fraud is a deliberate act of deception intended for personal gain or to cause a loss to another party.

An irregularity is an act which doesn’t comply with EU rules and which has a potentially negative impact on EU financial interests, but which may be the result of genuine errors committed both by beneficiaries claiming funds and by the authorities responsible for making payments. If an irregularity is committed deliberately, however, it’s fraud.

Please report if you suspect:

  • fraud or other serious irregularities with a potentially negative impact for EU public funds, whether EU revenue, expenditure or assets held by the EU institutions.
  • serious misconduct by Members or staff of EU Institutions and bodies.

OLAF cannot investigate allegations of:

  • fraud with no financial impact on the EU public funds. Please report such allegations to the national police.
  • corruption which doesn’t involve Members or staff of EU Institutions and bodies. Please report such allegations to the national police.
  • fraudulent use of the EU logo or the name of EU institutions.


You can contact us anonymously. There are no formalities. Just give as precise and detailed information as possible. You can communicate with OLAF in any of the 24 official EU languages.

 Report Fraud for EU officials (Whistleblowers)

If you are a civil servant working for any of the EU institutions, you have an obligation to report possible cases of fraud, corruption, other illegal activity, or professional conduct which may constitute a serious failure to comply with the obligations of officials.
Whistleblowers respecting the staff regulation on this matter will be protected from adverse consequences. This covers the identity of the whistleblower, as well as the mobility and staff report of the person concerned. Naturally, in order for the Commission to be able to apply such protective measures, the person concerned will need to identify him/herself to the Institution.
You can either inform your hierarchy or OLAF about your suspicions. If you want to inform OLAF directly, please send us an

For more information about the rights and obligations of whistleblower within  the EU Institutions, please see  Article 22a and 22b of the Staff Regulations

Report online

Online form to report fraud
(in English, French, German, Dutch)
Information on anonymity (press release)

Report by email

Report by post

OLAF – European Anti-Fraud Office
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